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Out Now -- Hot as Hell, SSI Book 4.5

Security Specialists International
Book 4.5

Fed up with her incompetent boss, Interpol agent Dawn Wilson accepts a job with SSI. Her first assignment forces her into close contact with the devastatingly sexy, but far too pushy CIA agent Sam Crocker.

When the SSI team, plus a forced-on-leave Sam, gathers in Aruba to take down a traitor to the United States, Sam soon discovers the beautiful, feisty Dawn’s skills are a complete match for his own.

As the fairly low-risk operation goes FUBAR, their attraction ignites and turns hot as hell.

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Free SSI Reads

SSI Book 1.5

Stormy Weather Baby(free at Liquid Silver Publishing in various e-book formats)


Keely Walsh-Maddox is eight months pregnant and feeling boxed in by Ren's over-protectiveness. So, when Price Teague's doctor sister, Fiona, calls and says she is in Idaho and needs a ride, Keely takes the opportunity to escape her velvet cage and drive to Grangeville to pick up the woman. She never expected to place her unborn child in danger, but that is exactly what happens when the women find themselves being pursued by mercenaries. Normally, bad guys following her home wouldn't faze Keely, she'd just turn the tables and shoot them. But this time, she is in early labor and doesn't want to mess with them. At least, she has a doctor riding shot gun.

SSI Book 2.5

Storm Front (free at Liquid Silver Publishing in various e-book formats)

Less than one week after Earl Blackhawk helped Risto Smith and Callie Meyers fight off a Colombian drug lord in Osprey’s Point, Michigan, he travels to Idaho to act as Risto’s best man at his marriage to Callie. There he meets Callie’s friend, Tessa Andrews. When he’d asked Callie to find him a woman just like her, he’d been teasing … sort of. but Callie had taken him seriously and he was glad she had.

Tessa comes to Idaho with a problem dogging her heels. A cyberstalker has resurrected a past she thought deeply buried. A past any decent man, a man such as Earl, would take one look at and run the other way.

But then, Tessa has never met a man like Earl. He’s more than attracted to Tessa, feels instantly protective of her, and nothing and no one will harm her while he’s around.

Tessa doesn’t believe she deserves a happy ever after, and when Earl and some others see the damaging images her cyberstalker sends her, she runs into the teeth of a storm front and deadly peril.

What I'm Working On Now(updated 7/28/2016):

An Ill Wind, SSI Book 5, Trey and Fee's book. This story began in Stormy Weather Baby (Note: Stormy Weather Baby is a free novella, just in case you want to see how Trey and Fee first met).

Then I plan to turn to Prime Chronicles (and I hear the "about times" from my Prime fans) so that Damon and Susa get their HEA. These two aren't talking to me yet, so I still don't know what will force them to deal with one another as anything other than mere acquaintances through Susa's relative and Damon's business partner Borac.

After that I plan on another SSI novel featuring Price.

As you can see, I have a lot of writing on my plate for 2016-2017. Cross all your fingers, toes and any hypermobile appendages that my family's health and welfare don't throw me any curveballs and I might just get it all done without having a crisis of nerves. 2015 was a rough year for me in writing and I never want to have to go through another year like that again.

Plus, I STILL plan to re-release my 2003 Dream Realm finalist book, Green Fire, which has been out of print since 12/2005. It was an e-book and trade paper release from the former LTDBooks in Canada. It needs a good copy edit before I'll feel comfortable re-releasing it. I'm trying to copy edit a chapter a night after working and writing all day. So far, I've been managing about two chapters of revision a week -- the book needed some work. It's hard balancing keeping a plot that received award nominations and good reviews against my current writing style. My style has evolved since I wrote this book in 2002-2003, and being A-type, I have to revise it.

So there you have it. My plans. Nothing is ever etched in stone, so I don't like to plan out too far. You never know when a fabulous stand-alone idea might hit me in the face (um, yeah, I've been dreaming about this one set of characters who are getting fairly pushy - but I keep telling them my SSI and Prime fans come first).

Just a note:

I am always happy to answer fan e-mails so do not hesitate to send me an e-mail at monettemichaels@gmail.com and ask questions or just to tell me what you like and why. Please make sure your e-mail server will receive my replies; put me on your accepted e-mail list or your permitted list.

Reader feedback is appreciated.

Hugs to all my fans. I love you. - - Monette Michaels, 7/28/2016.

Upcoming Appearances:

Blood on the Bayou, Bouchercon 2016, September 15-18, 2016, New Orleans.

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